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the Italian revolution

italian-revolution-e1321994482578Dear International friends of Italy,

it is not easy to understand what is happening in this Country after the political elections. I fully appreciate the fact that we are part of a bigger entity like Europe, which is also part of a larger globalised world economy but I would encourage you to watch closely the Italian political laboratory instead of taking the easier highway of irony and blame for what looks like a non governable democracy. Let me try to explain the rationale behind my advice:

  • Italy is tainted by several unsustainable aspects for a modern democracy, amongst which corruption, a gigantic tax evasion, lack of vision for a modern industrial development, no regulation for conflict of interests in business like in politics, the highest cost of politics in the whole world and a central debt that obliges us to pay billions of euros in interests instead of investing in the future of our Country. The reasons for that are tied to port world war II history, but in the new globalised world, any of these issues are not acceptable.
  • Our political class has been preserving power for individual (or party) sake instead of looking at what the Country needed to continue  running the world’s seventh largest economy. For many years we have forced by democracy to witness the disaster of Mr.Berlusconi’s governments, in line with President Bush, Putin, Gaddafi and the global liberist financial philosophy. Funds for schools, universities, research centers and hospitals have been pillaged as well as any other social institution, including courts of justice where Berlusconi was often called to respond to the many claims of illegal practices, from corruption, tax evasion, mafia and illegal sex with minors. Obviously nothing has been done to face the structural problems of our democracy.
  • Since the beginning of the present financial crisis (generated in the USA by the above mentioned liberist mentality in managing finance), the Italians have been depraved of social rights and taxed to the actual unbearable limit (obviously excluding the evading 40%  of the population!), while politicians have been increasing wages for themselves and the political parties they represented, stealing public funds and engaging in many illegal activities without even the trouble of being investigated, taking advantage of a an absurd law that claims that justice have no jurisdiction over politics, unless authorized by the Parliament.
  • Banks and financial institutions have been “saved” (until the next crisis…) with public funds to ensure they were not collapsing under the pressure of their mismanagents, but unemployment has raised dramatically reaching a peak 38% amongst the young people desperately trying to get a job that is not available in a blocked system like ours and are forced to emigrate. Families cannot make it to the end of the months with decreasing buying power and increasing unemployment, small industry strives to survive the globalised economy and are closing (every month we have 1000 companies shutting down) or forced to let employee go. At the same time, tax evasion has been slightly cut but many tax privileges have been extended to political parties, banks, unions and the Church.

What was the choice we really had? Accept the EU financial aid and take the same road where Greece was forced to go or try to change once for good the way we have been ruled. The present political asset of the Parliament may look like instability to a superficial view, but you should consider that the entire process of Movimento 5 Stelle has been done in full compliance with the democratic rules, and no violence has been used to put into practice this historically unprecedented people’s revolution.

We are taking back the power we have delegated for too much time to an inect and embarrassing  political class. It may take some time, but we are now taking the problem by the roots and this has already changed our future. Using Goldman Sachs CEO’s words “we have an historical opportunity to change and innovate the way to rule a country”. Take a deeper look if you want to understand what is going on, as the way we have used may be the future of democracy, not only for Italy.

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